Sunday, 15 April 2018

List of Courses Offered at the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)

The Management of the National Open University Of Nigeria (NOUN) has released and published the List of Courses Offered In National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN).

Below are the Full List of Degree and Postgraduate Programmes Offered By The National Open University of Nigeria

P000001Access ProgrammeD0001
P010101B.Agric Animal ScienceD0101
P010201B.Agric Agricultural Extension and Rural DevelopmentD0102
P010202B.Agric Agricultural Economics and Agro-BusinessD0102
P010205PGD. Agricultural Extension ManagementD0102
P010301B.Agric Crop ScienceD0103
P010302B.Agric Soil and Land Resources ManagementD0103
P020101B.A. EnglishD0201
P020103B.A. FrenchD0201
P020202B.A. Islamic StudiesD0202
P020207B.A. Christian Religious StudiesD0202
P020208PGD. Christian Religious StudiesD0202
P020209M.A. Christian Religious StudiesD0202
P030101B.A.(ED) Early Childhood EducationD0301
P030102B.A.(ED) EnglishD0301
P030103B.A.(ED) FrenchD0301
P030104B.A.(ED) Primary EducationD0301
P030105B.Sc.(ED) Business EducationD0301
P030201B.Sc.(ED) Agricultural ScienceD0302
P030202B.Sc.(ED) BiologyD0302
P030203B.Sc.(ED) ChemistryD0302
P030204B.Sc.(ED) Computer ScienceD0302
P030205B.Sc.(ED) Integrated ScienceD0302
P030206B.Sc.(ED) MathematicsD0302
P030207B.Sc.(ED) PhysicsD0302
P030208M.ED. Educational TechnologyD0302
P030209M.ED. Science EducationD0302
P030301PGD. EducationD0303
P030302M.ED. Administration and PlanningD0303
P030303M.ED. Guidance and CounsellingD0303
P040101B.NSc. Nursing (new)D0401
P040201B.Sc. Public HealthD0402
P040301B.Sc. Environmental Health ScienceD0403
P060101B.Sc. Business AdministrationD0601
P060102B.Sc. Public AdministrationD0601
P060103PGD. Business AdministrationD0601
P060104PGD. Public AdministrationD0601
P060105Masters in Business AdministrationD0601
P060106Masters in Public AdministrationD0601
P060107M.Sc. Business AdministrationD0601
P060108M.Sc. Public AdministrationD0601
P060203B.Sc. MarketingD0602
P060206B.Sc. EntrepreneurshipD0602
P060207B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural DevelopmentD0602
P060301B.Sc. AccountingD0603
P060302B.Sc. Banking and FinanceD0603
P070102B.Sc. Computer ScienceD0701
P070105PGD. Information TechnologyD0701
P070107M.Sc. Information TechnologyD0701
P070108B.Sc. Information TechnologyD0701
P070202B.Sc. Environmental Management and ToxicologyD0702
P070301B.Sc. MathematicsD0703
P070302B.Sc. Maths and Computer ScienceD0703
P070401B.Sc. BiologyD0704
P070402B.Sc. ChemistryD0704
P070403B.Sc. PhysicsD0704
P080101B.Sc. EconomicsD0801
P080102eLoun BSc. EconomicsD0801
P080301B.Sc. Mass CommunicationD0803
P080302PGD. Mass CommunicationD0803
P080305M.Sc. Mass CommunicationD0803
P080401B.Sc. Political ScienceD0804
P080501B.Sc. Tourism StudiesD0805
P080601B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionD0806
P080602PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionD0806
P080603M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionD0806
P080701B.Sc. Criminology and Security StudiesD0807
P080702PGD. Criminology and Security StudiesD0807
P090101Diploma in Buiness CommunicationD0901
P090102Diploma in Arabic and Islmaic StudiesD0901
P090103Certificate in Arabic and Islamic StudiesD0901
P090104Diploma in Financial ManagementD0901
P090105Diploma in Medical PracticeD0901
P090106Certificate in FrenchD0901
P090107Diploma in FrenchD0901
P090108Diploma in MarketingD0901
P090109Diploma in EntrepreneurshipD0901
P090110Certificate in TheologyD0901
P090111Diploma in Christian TheologyD0901
P090112Certificate in Dental Office PracticeD0901
P090113Certificate in Computer LiteracyD0901
P090114Certificate in Call Centre SkillsD0901
P090115Proficiency Certificate in Mobile Phone RepairsD0901
P100201PhD Christian TheologyD1002
P100301PhD Educational AdministrationD1003
P100302PhD Educational TechnologyD1003
P100303PhD Science EducationD1003
P100304PhD Educational PlanningD1003
P100305PhD Mathematics EducationD1003
P100602PhD Business AdministrationD1006
P100603PhD Public AdministrationD1006

National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN Admission Requirements & Subjects Combinations

Interested applicants who which to apply into the National Open University of Nigeria, NOUN can check the correct and current Admission Requirements, Subjects Combinations via the JAMB Interactive Brochure and Syllabus System (JAMB IBASS)

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